Expand Health Care Access through Telemedicine

Health care access in South Texas is lagging. The pandemic made it clear we need permanent solutions for health care access. Through telemedicine, health care providers can see 50-175 times the number of patients, cut down on travel times for patients, cut costs, and improve health care outcomes. This is why I will support legislation to increase access to telehealth and telemedicine services and close the health care gap in our South Texas communities.

Prevent Gender Confusion in Schools

As a father and a Texan blessed with common sense, I am disgusted by the federal government’s efforts to promote lewd drag show performances, gender confusion, and boys in girls’ locker rooms. As your next State Senator, I will work to protect our children from the radical leftist agenda and bring sanity back to our school policies.

Fight Overspending, Cut Needless Red Tape

The Biden Administration’s tax-and-spend policies have led directly to runaway inflation and rising costs of living. They have over-regulated and over-taxed our economy to the brink of a recession. It’s clear we don’t need more government in business, we need more business in government.

As a small businessman, I know what it takes to break through government red tape, regulation, and taxation to grow a thriving business and create jobs. You can trust me to fight for the best interests of our local economy and job growth.

Protect the Lives of the Unborn and Mothers

Like our community, I am pro-life and fully against the radical liberal attempt to allow abortions all the way up until birth. We must protect innocent life and the lives of pregnant women, new mothers, and their babies. That’s why I will provide better, more affordable health care for our mothers and children. We need to support a culture of life by making it easier to raise a healthy family.

Stand with Law Enforcement

I trained in the Police Academy to be an officer. I never formally joined the force, but my time in the academy taught me to appreciate the work of our brave men and women in law enforcement. You can trust me to stand by our police and prevent efforts by radicals to defund law enforcement.

Better Infrastructure for South Texas

Roads and infrastructure are one of the most basic jobs of government. South Texas has been neglected on this front for too long. I will work for increased state funding to fix local roads, make sure our neighborhoods have good sidewalks, add more streetlights, and invest in flood mitigation projects.

Cut Property Taxes

Property taxes are too high, plain and simple. As your next State Senator, I will pass a bill to cut property taxes by 25%. We hear a lot of promises from politicians around property taxes, but you can trust me to fight for permanent and significant property tax relief.