Integrity. Leadership. Hardworking

When we turn South Texas red, we will secure a better future for generations of Texans to come.

Conservative Adam Hinojosa is a fourth generation Texas who can trace his family roots back to 1874. 

Adam trained and graduated from the police academy and eventually became a successful entrepreneur and job creator. Today, he operates five businesses – working hard to grow and revitalize Corpus Christi. 

Adam is a solutions-focused leader who knows what it takes to turn a business around. When the pandemic was at its worst, Adam purchased a struggling local restaurant and, through smart fiscal management, turned it around into a success. He knows what it takes to breakthrough bad government red tape, regulation, and taxation. Adam believes we don’t need more government in business – we need more business in government. 

That same business-sense, can-do attitude, and devotion to protecting our families and conservative values are what he will bring to South Texas as our next State Senator.

Adam has been instrumental in helping get other Republicans elected locally. He helped turn Nueces County red in recent years. We can trust Adam to expand that success down in the Rio Grande Valley and flip this seat red for the first time in Texas history. Adam is a strong conservative who supports the 2nd Amendment, is 100% pro-life, stands with our law enforcement, and knows we must secure our border to protect our families. 

Like you, Adam knows that the radical liberal values of DC are not the values of South Texas. Something BIG is happening and Adam knows this is our chance to turn South Texas red to ensure a better, safer, more prosperous future for our families. 

Adam lives in Corpus Christi with his wife Victoria and their children Jaidyn, Dylan, Hudson, and Greyson.